How To Start A Blog And Actually Make Money

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Today more than ever, everyone wants to start a blog to become an influencer in their niche and start making money through brand collaborations or sponsored post or brand ambassador programs. Many successful bloggers are generating tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on autopilot. But, like everything in life, it requires hard work to create and scale up a blog to that level.

The most challenging part of running a blog is to bring eye balls to your content. If you just spend your time writing post and publishing on your blog without marketing it, it is like throwing a rock in the middle of sea, you won't have any impact. I remember seeing a shirt once that said:"this shirt will be seen more time than your blog"! That's exactly the kind of things you don't want to see as an aspiring blogger.

Running a blog is like a running a business, you need to start slow and enjoy the process. It is a marathon, you are here for the long term and want to build an audience that will resonate and engage with your content. Don't try to copy anyone, just be yourself and be consistent. Everything is achievable as long as you put in the work every single day.

The truth is that many people will give up on blogging because they do not see the engagement they want. You will struggle getting people interested in your content. You will struggle getting traffic to your blog. You will struggle reaching out to brands for collaborations. It is all part of the process. But don't forget that you are learning something new. You are learning how to be independent, how to be your own boss and how to run an online business. There is no school that teaches you that and it takes time to feel comfortable running a successful blog. So take it easy on you.

But if you are committed to become location independent, earn a passive income online to quit the 9-to-5 hustle, then building a blog will help you big time.

It took me 2 years to finally get noticed and live the so called digital nomad lifestyle. And I am still working hard every day because this market is getting more and more competitive everyday! However, remember one thing, starting a blog is about sharing your experience and should match with your lifestyle. Not the other way around.

The biggest difference between successful bloggers and those that are not is simply authenticity and persistence.

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What Are The Reasons To Start A Blog?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to start a blog:

  1. Create a location-independent lifestyle – all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to run a blog. You can travel anywhere in the world, you do not need to go to an office every day. You can literally live from your passion by just living the lifestyle of your dream and document it.
  2. Build an online presence – Your blog will represent your brand that people will know you for. After a while, people will start noticing you and will wonder how you managed to transition from your corporate life to become your own boss. Sharing your experience will bring value to your readers and therefore gain traction from search engines like Google.
  3. Build a community striving for the same goal – When I started my blog, it was just a way to share my travel experience with my friends and family. But overtime, I started to build a community of travelers who got inspired by my photos I was posting online every day. It is only then that I decided to share my journey and created a private group called Millennial Roamers on Facebook where I share more entrepreneurship advice to help aspiring bloggers follow my foot steps. Especially in areas useful for people like online marketing, passive income generation, photography just to name a few.
  4. To promote your brand or product – If you have any skills that people are ready to pay for your service. A blog is a great way to promote your brand or your products. i.e. If you are a photographer, why not sell prints. If you are a advertising expert, why not sell your expertise via consulting or online courses. Just share it with the world and you will be surprise by the results you will start getting once you increase your visibility into the public’s eye.
  5. Help document life events – Sometimes, people would start a blog to help document some kind of journey. This is how I started my blog, to share my travel experience as a millennial. But it could be related to any topics. Like learning a new skill, how to play a music instrument, learn a new language. It could be more about a lifestyle choice like becoming a vegan, get into body building, getting married. The possibilities are endless.

You can blog about almost anything. But as mentioned you need to remain authentic. Your readers only resonate with your content, and not anybody else. So avoid writing about something you have no knowledge about. 

Being successful as a blogger will take time. Make sure this is something you are passionate about and invest time into it or you will soon enough feel too overwhelmed and give up. I am not a very successful blogger like many others are, but my blog is allowing me to earn a passive income and I believe I am providing value in the content I create for my readers. And that is what matters. No one needs hundred of thousand of followers. All you need is at least 100 true fans that will engage with your content to keep your business going.

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If you are already running a blog, share your experience below. What has been the biggest challenge you faced when you started? I am always curious to learn about everyone's journey.

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